About Us

The Rinehart Family

The  Rinehart Family has been doing inspections and appraisals for the last 20 years.  Robert Rinehart began this tradition in 1998 after a long career in banking.  Justin Rinehart began his career in 2006 working under Robert Rinehart as an appraisers assistant - and learned from the best.  

Justin Rinehart

In 2009, Justin Rinehart founded Justin Rinehart Appraisals.  

Since 2009, Justin Rinehart Appraisals has completed over 2,950 reports on all types of inspections and appraisals including: Farm & Ranch Equipment Appraisals, Oilfield Equipment Appraisals, Trucking Company Appraisals, Asphalt & Paving Equipment Appraisals, Recycling Equipment Appraisals, Mining Equipment Appraisals, Plant Equipment Appraisals, Livestock Inspections/Appraisals, Feedyard Inspections/Audits/Appraisals, Crop Inspections/Cash Flow Projections, Interim Construction Inspections, Floor Plan Inspections and other specialty appraisals.

Our Promise

Justin Rinehart Appraisals pledges to practice the highest ethical standards and conduct business with integrity while completing credible appraisals in a fair and impartial manner - striving for excellence and the highest degree of accuracy possible.